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Hello 2024 & welcome to my new chapter.

A woman, standing on top of a mountain with the wind blowing in her hair and strength and grace written across her chest.
Strength and Grace

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that 2023 was not my year - I began January 2023 completely broken. The world that I knew had been shattered into a million and one pieces and I was left scrambling around on the floor, trying my best to rescue the fragments that I could find in a desperation to piece it all back together. But no matter how hard I tried, no many how much I cried, and pleaded they would not fit together as they once had. So instead I carried these pieces with me like my life depended on it.

As the year moved on these pieces weighted my every decision, my every thought and my every move. I got to a point where I couldn't keep going. My legs felt too weary and my arms too heavy and reluctantly I had to put some of the pieces down. I couldn't discard them, so I kept those pieces safe and I tried my best to care for them. But I also began to live parts of my life again. S L O W L Y. And as I did, as I stared to fill my days with little moments of Joy, and Self care and Connection, I slowly started to forget about the pieces I had put down. I went from checking on them every hour, to once a day, to once or twice and week. Before I knew it they were no longer so precious to me.

Over time they gathered dust. Some pieces rusted. Some pieces softened. Some pieced crumbled. In contrast, the pieces that I didn't let go of - well let me tell you… those pieces G L O W E D and morphed and strengthened in ways you could not imagine. Instead of weighing me down, they lifted me up and allowed me to experience the world with new eyes.

And this is how I come to you now. At the beginning of January 2024. No longer broken, but transformed into a version of myself I did not see coming.

A version of myself that I did not think existed. But one that I am so proud of.

So what does this mean for Power in my Kindness and 2024? 


I want to share my journey with you on a deeper level. I want my emails, my designs, my stickers to enable you to feel connected and encouraged and supported. My hope is that no matter what life is throwing your way right now, no matter what pieces you might desperately be clinging too, or learning to let go of - that I can help in some way, shape or form. 

A picture of Simone with the message 'Sending love and Grace, from Simone'.
Simone Power


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