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Welcome to the Sticker Club!

The Sticker Club is my bi-monthly Sticker subscription - Join from just £6.50 & receive 3 Positive Affirmation themed stickers every other month, designed exclusively by me for Club members!


Allow these stickers to act as little encouraging reminders on the days when you need them most x

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My aim with each Sticker is to bring a little kindness and encouragement through your letterbox. As someone who struggles with negative self talk, I know all too well how difficult it can be to quieten that voice! By subscribing to the Sticker Club you are pledging to a bi-monthly reminder to do just that! Each Sticker contains a positive affirmation to remind you of your worth, your strength, your capability and more! Stick them on diaries, journals, notebooks, laptops - anywhere you fancy.

The more visible, the more POWERFUL they will be!

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As a Subscriber to The Sticker Club, you will also have access to a VIP section on my website which will contain bi-monthly discounts and FREE downloads.

Tap the button below to enter if you are already subscribed!

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