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Journal Tracker Activity pages - Journal pack

Journal Tracker Activity pages - Journal pack


These digital downloads are the perfect to help you prioritise your wellbeing.  

Suitable for those of you who like to journal, track and record your daily/weekly/monthly habits & self care.


Included are 5 printable pages. 
1. Habit tracker - Pop your habits on the dotted lines, and colour code them by adding them to the tracker wheel for the month. Track what you have managed to do a lot of (and then reward yourself for your efforts!). And reflect on what you didn't manage to do a lot of and readjust your goals for the following month. 
2. Mood tracker - Colour code your mooe to the emotions listed, or add your own. If you are feeling extra creative you can use the circles as faces and draw your own expressions/feelings!
3. Self Care checklist - Write your very own checklist for the week ahead. This could be simple things like 'making your bed', 'social media break' or 'going for a walk'. 
4. Sleep tracker - Use this download to record your sleep pattern to reflect on in order to improve your sleeping habits. 
5. Yearly goal tracker - Do you have a big goal? Print and fill out this yearly tracker as a way to manage and motivate yourself for the year ahead. 


All digital downloads are A4 in size & come in black & white (allowing you to add colours of your own choice) or in colour. 


Designed by @powerinmykindness

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