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How to successfully start again on your own terms with Courage and Authenticity

A human being engulfed in flames, rising from the dust and starting over.
Burn if you must but rise from the dust.

Now, before you get comfy with your cuppa let's get one thing straight - I am not claiming to be an expert in anyway, shape or form on how to run a successful business. My little biz ticks over at a slower pace than I would ideally like, but this is something I am embracing and working really hard on.

What I do claim to be an expert on however, is myself... Because let's face it - I know myself I N S I D E and O U T. The same way that you know yourself inside and out. There is no better expert on you, than you. And what I know about myself is that I have worked incredibly hard on my self awareness, my resilience and my worth. I know that I can, and I will keep going.  I know that I have the courage to authentically be me. And I know am in a constant state of learning and growth from all the bumps, twists and never ending turns on this ever so sweet journey we call Life. So I decided at the start of 2024 that I would restart my Sticker Club subscription, the same way I restarted my Small Biz - with a little glow up.

If you have read my previous blog posts or followed me for a while over on Instagram, you will know how transformative the last 18 months or so have been for me. I went from closing everything down due to heartbreak and overwhelm (and everything else in-between) to emerging like a Phoenix from the flames... (OK, OK maybe my come back wasn't that magnificent, but humour me a little because the visual here is so much more powerful when it comes to me making my point!!! 😁😉).

Which led me to question: If I can come back stronger, than why can't my Sticker Subscription?

This was my favourite part of my Small Business back in the good old days. It never reached the point that I wanted it to financially, but boy did it bring me so much joy and personal fulfillment. And this is where the challenge lied. Could I reclaim this part of my Business? Could I successfully start again on my own terms? Could I harness my Courage and Authenticity to make this happen? There was only one way to find out...

H E L L O new👋 Sticker Club

Welcome to a subscription that helps you to quieten that negative self talk, and reminds you of your worth, your strength, your capability and more. Welcome to a subscription that is full of encouragement and kindness, from my heart to yours. Welcome to a subscription that recognises how heavy the weight of the world can feel, and aims to bring you a little love and light for those darker days. Welcome to a subscription that empowers your inner Phoenix ❤️‍🔥

A picture of Simone, the founder of Power in My Kindness

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