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say hello to george

George is 10 years old. He loves dinosaurs (bet you didn't guess that!), gaming & running. He likes routine, being indoors & his favourite food is chocolate! George lives with his older brother & best friend, Oscar, His Mum & dad - and his furry friends, Luna (dog) & sparks (cat).


George's Mission

George was on a waiting list for a Neurodevelopmental Assessment for approx. 2 years+, before getting his autism diagnosis in early 2023.


“Neurodiversity is a term used to empower and promote the positive qualities possessed by those with a Neurodevelopmental difference”

In 2022, while George was on this waiting list, he decided to challenge himself to run 26 miles for May and fundraise in order to purchase THE UMBRELLA PROJECT by the adhd foundation for his school. 

This challenge was so well supported by our family, friends & the running community that George ended up continuing to run and raise funds for the rest of 2022!


George ended the year on a total of 200 miles,

and enough money to fund 11 umbrella projects!!! 


George is not stopping there, and is determined to keep going throughout 2023! He wants to keep fundraising & spreading awareness for Neurodiversity!

George's Vision

George wants other children who are going through the same process as him to feel happy & not lonely (his words). He wants to  help raise awareness and understanding for Neurodiverse kids & adults so that they can celebrate all that they are and feel more ROARSOME!

George has taken part in podcasts, interviews & featured in articles and blog posts in the hope of spreading his message far and wide! A highlight of 2023 was being able to sit on stage alongside Susie Chan & Iwan Thomas & chat about his #roarsomemiles!


Become a ROARSOME Runner...

Running has helped George in so many ways with his neurodiversity. And we want to encourage others to enjoy the benefits of exercise and fresh air!


You can become a ROARSOME RUNNER by...
🦖 Running or walking a mile

🦖Using the hashtag #roarsomemile to share your adventures

🦖Follow & tag George on social media

🦖 Join our community of roarsome runners by encouraging and supporting one another!

🦖 Purchasing a roarsome runner top from 


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