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George's Running Challenges

April - 20 Dino Miles
In April George began his virtual running journey by pledging to run 20 miles.
This was very challenging as we had to run at a certain time (to avoid crowns), run a certain route (for familiarity) & get out,
even on the days when George didn't feel like running. 
As the month progressed, george's confidence grew & he began to see how beneficial running was to his wellbeing &
how it could help him manage some of the daily struggles he can face as neurodivergent.


May - running 26 miles for neurodiversity
In May, we came across the umbrella project by the adhd foundation - A wonderful installation (and resources and training) for educational settings to celebrate neurodiversity! We decided we could combine George's new love for running with a mini crowdfunder to see if we could raise £350 to have this project for George's School. Little did we know how much kindness and support the world would shower on George for his efforts! By the end of the challenge we had raised enough to fund 3 schools (nearly 4)!!! 

June - world running challenge
In June, George was determined to have a few rest days, but had unknowingly caught the running bug!!! After a day or so he was back out again running his miles! After lots of conversations around his May challenge & all the difference he had made he decided that he wanted to continue to fundraise until the end of 2022 & see how many Schools he could support in total! So we started a free june challenge with runr & George managed a total of 20 miles for the month! He also ran his very first park run - yay!

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