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Custom tees? Yes please!!!

Get personal & Let your tee do the talking...

We can customise each dino to represent YOU!

Add a little positivity and colour to your wardrobe with the

help of the neurodiverse dinosaurs, created to celebrate all that you are!

join our #roarsomeclub!.png
join our #roarsomeclub! (2).png

i want to be dino'd!

IF you would like to be turned into a roarsome Dino then please get in touch by tapping the link below! we will create a custom design just for you & then send you a link where you can purchase that design on a tee from our teemill store!


If you are kid (OR ADULT) that loves Dinosaurs then tap the link below to check out our custom orders!

Prices range from £16 for kids tees & £22 for adults!

 We love nothing more than creating roarsome versions of you - we want you to feel empowered & proud of all that you are!

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don't just take our word for it...

Huge thanks for my DINO me! They are so cute! I love that they are wearing my favourite ha
Dino Testimonials.png
Dino Testimonials (1).png
Dino Testimonials (5).png
Dino Testimonials (2).png
Dino Testimonials (3).png
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